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KExchange Currency Converter


KExchange is a currency converter for over 150 currencies using up-to-date exchange rates from the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service.



See changelog for version details.
9 February 2004: The Japanese Linux Magazine had a one page review on KExchange in their March 2004 number. Hope they said nice things about it (it's all japanese to me).
17 December 2003: The KExchange now has a project page in Sourceforge.net.
17 December 2003: Released version 1.0. Fixed some data retrieval issues and some minor issues.
17 October 2003: Released version 0.3.2. Fixed data retrieval (again) due to changes in PACIFIC URLs, German translation.
6 October 2003: Released version 0.3.1. Fixed data retrieval due to changes in PACIFIC URLs and contents.
20 March 2003: Released version 0.3. More currencies, minor features changes, Finnish translation
23 October 2002: Released version 0.2.2. Maintenance / bugfix release
20 August 2002: Released version 0.2.1. Stable release for KDE3.x
22 March 2002: Released version 0.2. Bug fixes and new features. Support for KDE3.x
15 March 2002: Released version 0.1. Initial release.


  1. Currency converter

  2. Exchange rates table


Latest version is 1.0:
Source distribution for KDE 3.x: kexchange-1.0.tar.gz
RPM for Redhat 9.x: kexchange-1.0-1.i386.rpm
Source RPM: kexchange-1.0-1.src.rpm
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Version 1.0
- Fixed problem with date parsing when reading PACIFIC data.
- Old (obsolete) exchange rates are now automatically expunged.
- Rate table column selection is now stored to preferences.
- Added some new currencies and updated obsolete currency codes to valid ones.
Version 0.3.2
- Fixed data retrieval (again) due to changes in a PACIFIC URL.
- Added german translation by Holger Klemm.
Version 0.3.1
- Fixed data retrieval due to changes in PACIFIC URLs and contents.
Version 0.3
- Merged supplementary rates page from PACIFIC to reliable rates.
- Added display of exchange rate type.
- Added exchange rate type and date to currency table as optional columns.
- Copy rates table to clipboard.
- Finnish translation.
- Documentation improvements.
Version 0.2.2
- Compiles with GCC 3.2
- Fixed reading of errorneous data in Pacific data feed.
Version 0.2.1
- Minor GUI changes
- Compiles with KDE3.x only
Version 0.2
- Fixed localyzed input for decimal numbers. Reported by Jaakko Järviluoma (jaakkoj@dlc.fi) and others.
- Fixed conversion of national units of euro to USD.
- Added last update to status bar.
- Automatic updates are now triggered after 12 hours (not only at the startup).
- Added choice to display rates as unit/base or base/unit in rates table.
- Added save rates table data in CSV format.
- Added option to dock to system tray when minimized.
- Added DCOP interface.
- Now compiles with KDE3.x
Version 0.1
 - Initial relese


Author and maintainer: Tero Favorin

Please use Sourceforge.net for all KExchange related communication.

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